Jardins – Campus Farmers

This project aims to allow students to grow vegetables on their campus in an organic way. Of course it is a learning ground for gardening, but it is also a place where one (re)discovers a relationship with the earth and nature as well as a place for exchange with other students. Moreover, this project aims to raise awareness in the university community about themes such as local agriculture or food sovereignty.

We are experimenting with multiple creative projects such as: an aromatic spiral, digging a pond to harvest water, establishing a drying rack for seeds,… Also we always follow the basic principles of association and crop rotation.

You are all welcome to join the garden, you don’t have to be a gardening expert to participate in the project!

Campus Farmers

The project has now moved to the Jardin pole, but it’s still the same way of working!

The idea of the project is to place edible plants on the EPFL campus (and possibly later on the UNIL campus). The objective is to give more life and a better image to the campus by involving the students as well as the employees. From a practical point of view, the plants are placed in removable containers at strategic locations on campus. Instructions for maintenance are written on the containers and visible to all.

In addition to rainfall, the water supply will be provided by all project participants. Everyone can help themselves to water from the reservoirs using the watering cans provided and water the dry bins. A simple system of clay amphorae allows to diffuse water over several days. Just fill them up when they are empty.

And when a fruit or vegetable is ready: Help yourself!

Responsible for 2019-2020

Louise Aubet

Lorenz Weidenauer

Louis Sins

Practical information is available on the garden page of the wiki.