Etudiant·e·s Véganes et Animalistes

What is EVA

The EVA is Unipoly’s vegan and animalist pole. Its mission is to encourage a vegan lifestyle[1] within the campus, among students as well as faculty, staff and employees.

In addition to the undeniable direct benefits on the main people concerned, i.e. the animals, such a way of life also has beneficial effects on the environment[2][3] and on health[4][5].

[1] In the sense of the Vegan Society “which tends to exclude – as far as practically possible – all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose”.

[2] Poore J., Nemecek T., “Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers”, 2018, Science, Vol. 360, Issue 6392, pp. 987-992.
[3] Scarborough P. et al., “Dietary greenhouse gas emissions of meat-eaters, fish-eaters, vegetarians and vegans in the UK”, 2014, Climatic Change, Vol. 125, Issue 2, pp. 179–192.
[4] Sabaté J. et al., “Beyond Meatless, the Health Effects of Vegan Diets”, 2014, Nutrients, 6(6), pp. 2131-2147.
[5] The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 89, Issue 5, 1 May 2009, Pages 1627S–1633S

What does the EVA want?

The EVA wishes to encourage an ethical and animal-friendly lifestyle on the EPFL and UNIL campuses as well as to generally sensitise the student community to the animal cause and animalism.
It wishes to offer the EPFL/UNIL community the possibility to eat and live as independently as possible from animal exploitation by significantly increasing the vegan offer in the catering facilities.

The EVA also aims to bring together vegan students and people interested in veganism and animalism in a discussion-oriented community and to offer support and advice to students and staff who wish to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

What does the EVA do?

The EVA organizes various events throughout the year on the UNIL and EPFL campuses:

  • Awareness-raising events, such as the organization of conferences and discussions on veganism and animalism, the broadcasting of films and documentaries on ethical, environmental and health issues related to the exploitation of animals, and poster campaigns.
  • Social events that help create a community of students such as meals, visits to animal shelters and sanctuaries, hikes, movie nights, etc.

Events related to the transition to a more plant-based diet, such as vegan food stands on campus, the sharing of recipes and nutritional information, cooking workshops, but also the implementation of a consulting system for associations and campus restaurants. The latter consists on the one hand in helping associations to veganize the food offered during their events (pancakes, hot dogs, waffles, etc.) and section meals, and on the other hand in proposing recipes and substitute ingredients free of animal products to restaurant owners in order to help cafeterias develop their vegan offer.

How to join the EVA

If you are interested in joining the EVA, coming to meet us, talking to us, if you have questions, if you want to join us to organize an event or for any other reason, you can write us at:

How and where to eat vegan on the EPFL campus

The availability of vegan meals on the EPFL campus is currently very limited.

The EVA is actively working to ensure that EPFL offers more vegan alternatives, and that it labels its products correctly.
However, here is a small selection of places where it is already possible to eat vegan for lunch on campus:

  • Maharaja’s trailer offers vegetarian menus which are all vegan, except for the dish containing panir (Indian cheese). Ask also without raita (yoghurt sauce). The easiest way is to ask for a “vegan mix”, in order to have a bit of everything.
  • Satellite offers a vegan sandwich (grilled bell pepper humus ginger) and also offers soy milk for a hot chocolate for example.
  • At the grocery store Le Négoce you can find “Uncle Ben’s Express” bags of microwaveable Mediterranean rice.
  • The Thai trailer “Hong Thai Rung” offers a vegetarian dish that may accidentally be vegan, ask about it if there are no eggs, dairy products or fish sauce.

The most flexible solution is of course to prepare something in advance at home, and to have it reheated at EPFL.

In case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances, the shops in the northern district always offer a solution.

For breakfast/10 hours:

  • A mashed banana with oatmeal or other muesli, almonds, and your favorite plant-based milk
  • Pecans, almonds, cashews, macadamias, brazil nuts, dried fruit
  • Soy or coconut yoghurt (SOYOG or COYOG at Migros), apple/fruit compotes
  • Fresh fruit! Your body will thank you

For lunch:

  • A sandwich with a breadstick, hummus, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh spinach;
  • A sandwich with a baguette, crushed chickpeas, veganaise (egg-free mayonnaise, available at Migros), capers and green salad;
  • An Alnatura dip from Migros (e.g. beet, hummus, paprika-cashew, lentil dal, or other “Streichcreme”, with carrots, celery or cauliflower to dip in (or spread on bread);
  • A salad with a can of chickpeas, a can of kidney beans, corn, avocado, fruits and vegetables of your taste, and a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  • Anna’s Best Vegi salads, soups, hummus and tabbouleh (check the logo on the package)

Sweet or savory snacks:

  • Coeur de France” (Prussian) cookies
  • Farmers with dark chocolate, quinoa or berries
  • Alnatura crispbread
  • Blévita cookies, except for the yellow ones (5 cereals) and the beige ones (Gruyère)
  • Alnatura fruit bars
  • Alnatura sesame and cashew bars
  • Alnatura “choco orange” rice cakes
  • Most Alnatura chocolate bars, including Flakes & Hazelnuss
  • Cocoland” ice cream and sorbets for hot weather

For your home:

  • Cornatur ready meals (back fridge, check the yellow logo)
  • Various Alnatura tofu products (smoked, plain) and seitan sausages
  • Soy cream, for cooking with pasta, ragouts, mushrooms, risotto and other creamy dishes
  • Vegetable milks (soy, coconut, oat, cashew, rice, almond)

To simplify the reading of ingredients in supermarkets, many articles now bear the “VEGAN” logo (yellow circle)

Of course, don’t miss the Monday market, to stock up on fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh bread.

How and where to eat vegan on the UNIL campus

The situation at UNIL is not very different from that at EPFL, the offer of vegan meals is currently quite limited, and the labeling is still very partial. In many cases, it is necessary to ask questions to the staff of the restaurants and cafeterias, especially about sauces and side dishes. General information on the catering offer at UNIL is available here.

  • To the left of the entrance of the Unithèque (official name of the Banana) is the refectory, which proposes every day a big salad buffet with several vegan options, an oriental plate like a Lebanese mezzé “veganizable” on request (ask for no meat or yogurt sauce), and some days a plate like an Indian dish (most often vegan, like rice + vegetables in sauce)
  • To the right of the entrance of the Unithèque is the brasserie, which offers (in limited quantity unfortunately) grilled vegetable sandwiches and vegan croissants + some chocolates, cereal bars and Roobar at the cash register.
  • Still at the Unithèque, the mezzanine overlooking the brasserie is a picnic area with self-service microwaves that are very practical (plan on waiting for lunch during class time).
  • At Amphimax, the cafeteria offers only a few vegan choices: a few possibilities in the small salad bar, some grilled vegetable sandwiches and vegan croissants, as well as occasional portions of hummus or tabbouleh in plastic trays, and cereal bars and Roobar at the cash register. On the other hand, there are also self-service microwaves (please allow for a waiting time at noon during the school year).
  • At the Anthropole, the basic offer of the cafeteria is globally identical to that of the Amphimax, with however in addition at midday a small stand of Lebanese type cooking, which proposes in particular falafels. Do not hesitate to ask at this stand for other possible options.
  • Also at the Anthropole, the Epicentre is an organic grocery-caterer with a social, local and sustainable goal. Its offer of fresh dishes can vary according to the season, and includes salad, lentil and tabbouleh trays, as well as grilled vegetable and pesto sandwiches. And also ice creams (Green Fairy), vegetable milks, chips, chocolates, cereals etc. More info on their Facebook page.
  • At Géopolis, the cafeteria offers vegan menus from time to time, check the offer in advance by clicking here (but if possible not from a mobile!)
  • At the sports center cafeteria, the basic vegan offer is limited to vegetable soup, but on request the staff will gladly try to arrange a vegan variant of a dish of the day.
  • And finally, the kiosk at the Amphipole (open during class periods) offers a few cereal bars, and during the summer, its managers are ready to order vegan Ben and Jerry’s ice creams if they don’t have any left in their freezer!

Useful documentation

Easy to download Vegan flyer


Peter Singer, La Libération Animale
Aymeric Caron, Antispéciste (in french) (in french) (In english)
YouTube : L’Effet Chimpanzé, Earthling Ed (In english)
Podcast : Les Carencés (in french)

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