Recovery of unsold goods with the Castor Freegan

Need unsold items for an event? Fill in this form and we will answer you as soon as possible by telegram or by email.

    Name of the beneficiary association/project

    Description of the event (basically what do you do with the unsold goods?)

    Date of the event (Please give at least 3 working days notice!)

    IMPORTANT: The recoveries commit the association Unipoly to Migros and we want to maintain this partnership. Therefore it is necessary to read and understand the following paragraph:

    The collections require a good logistical preparation. They can sometimes give stocks of more than 150 kilos and it is therefore necessary to bring a large vehicle such as a truck (Mobility Transport works well). The recoveries are done in the morning at 10 am at the Migros of Crissier. Instructions for the pick-up will be communicated to you once the pick-up has been validated, but by validating this form you commit yourself to bring an accompanying driver, for the morning before 10am, and with a large vehicle!

    Have you read all this?

    Contact information of the responsible person

    Last name, first name

    Cell phone number (linked to Telegram/Whatsapp)